Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy slurs

Wait. Don’t wait. Do this. Say that. It will all be okay.

Even the most identical twins (can there be “least” identical twins?) have differences. So technically when you tell someone your predicament, even though you’re giving your perspective — they only advise with their own.

“If I was in your shoes..”

Even if you share the same experience, it’s not the same. You go to Europe to backpack with a friend. You’re never apart aside from when you’re sleeping or using some facility, but when you get home, your stories will have different variations, you both won’t remember anything quite the same as the other.

So what makes advice good or bad? Why do we need outside perspective? How do we know that these people we turn to can really help us? Friends, family, therapists, Priests… the list goes on.

Even good advice can be bad advice. What has worked for one person isn’t a guarantee it will work for another.

We are human. We are different. No one has a manual to life.

Title borrowed from one of my favorite jams: Gooey by Glass Animals