What the fuck did I just read?

This is a similar yet opposite reaction to the night I watched Gerald’s Game. Before Netflix changed the main image of the movie to forewarn viewers that it was in fact a Stephen King book first. Similar in the sense I repeatedly asked aloud to no one in particular, what the fuck am I watching? Opposite because when the movie was over I was like, that was pretty sick and twisted but good. I dig it.

I was on a mommy blogger’s site reading one of their sponsored content posts. You know you enjoy a writer when you’re willing to read sponsored content. But this time, I was wondering what she was on. Usually when she goes on tangents they still make sense with the flow. She can transition topics smoothly. This was choppy and nothing of one thing related to the other.

She was trying to relate an exchange she had with a person about bucks in people’s yards, and this gentleman suggesting to blog it as a topic while promoting fabfitfun box with frou-frou items — that honestly — I don’t know why anyone would buy. But that is beside the point. Well, maybe not.

Why buy a $50 box of stuff just because it “always has over a $200 value”? Yes, a 110-160% markup value. I’m not a shopper apparently and I rarely see the need for a lot of the shit people buy. In my mind, that shit looks like clutter — hard pass. The main thing I will buy is food. The rest of my money goes to my monthly expenses. So maybe my opinion doesn’t matter on the box or on people’s shopping habits. Or even on someone’s choppy sponsored content that leaves you questioning if they were high.

Don’t get me wrong. I may sound harsh, but I do like this blogger and follow her blog and her podcast show. Who willingly reads sponsored content?


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