I hate when I decide to get up because I can’t fall back asleep

I always want to kick myself because of it. I just have a tendency to wake up when it is still dark when I am stressing the upcoming day. One of my tasks today is a webinar with people from around the US and Canada sometimes. Other locales.

Since all my information was without hiccups from day 1, I was the first they signed up. And since the webinars fill fast, I won’t have anyone from my group in it with me. Have I mentioned I am camera shy? I digress. I just have to remember that normally when they train people, there are no groups. People usually go through this process solo. But I like my group.

I was talking with someone from my group and because of the topic I asked why they weren’t in tech. They told me that they wanted to go tech, but the HM said to start with sales then go from there. I thought that was interesting and it made me curious because that same HM told me the two previous people who interviewed me recommended tech and I had the option to go tech or sales since I applied for sales, but the HM really emphasised they wanted me in tech.

SideNote: Thank God I am not in sales. Most of my training to this point has been on the sales department. I seriously think sales would be super hard for me over customer service and troubleshooting. But some of the people I have come across mentioned a time or two about how stressful the tech side can be. I have a background of helping very unhappy people with their prescriptions so I am hoping it’s not too far off from that. ::crossing fingers…

The answer is 42.

Sorry, I was looking at the number of drafts I have now, I have 42. Most were previously published. I haven’t had drafts like this before. Like this amount. Usually it’s 2-3 tops and when I get bored I look to see if they’re worth working and most the time I trash them. I would say statistically, 95% of the posts I write get published the minute I am done writing. This is probably why I have to go back and censor myself. Sometimes it’s with only one eye open because I am thinking, “Really??”

In fact, there is one post that is still published that received likes that made me feel a little dumbfounded because when I reread the post, sentence structure was NOT my strong suit that day. There’s one paragraph where I am like, “How do they even understand what I mean here?” Yeah, that bad. But I left it up because I am not perfect no matter how much I try to fool myself.



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