Stats are Weird

Yesterday, I didn’t write. I didn’t “publish” anything. Randomly, I get a WordPress notification telling me my stats are on fire — well, basically — I forget their wording. Usually in the past if I got a spike in stats it was because of something I posted, or a tag that was searched. For example, in one of my last  WordPress blogs, I got on a tangent about Twilight’s Bella and Edward. I felt some people were taking it a little too far saying Edward was a domestic abuser control freak so I wanted to state my piece. A lot of the search terms that came to my blog in result of that were along the lines of “Bella and Edward porn.”


So it wasn’t so much me, but the keywords or tags if you will. Clarification: I didn’t tag porn.. they came up with that on their own and Google or whatever Search Engine they used listed me as a credible source for that… I’m sure they were thoroughly disappointed when they saw my blog.


So I got a huge spike yesterday, almost split down the middle between Canada and the US with most views on homepage, and a couple (literally) clicks for each recent post. No referrals, no search terms, nothing to indicate in anyway the reason for this spike.

This is why I don’t care about stats. And I think people who blog by the numbers are missing the point of blogging. It’s about engaging. Same with how businesses run. Yes there are conversions and metrics, but if you have a store and you get a lot of browsers rather than buyers, are you really a success? Just a thought.


In other news, I am off for the weekend. My plan (which is a risk writing it out because sometimes I don’t follow through as well if I had kept it to myself) is to put on some podcasts and clean the the shit out of my house. Between the rain and work all week, I’ve slacked some, or a lot… (a lot)

Oh, and a movie I recently watched was Gerald’s Game on Netflix. This is a plug, but not endorsed. I recommend it to those who like sick and twisted. I picked it out because I like thrillers/borderline horror, and I wasn’t disappointed. It had me at so many points question wtf I was watching, who the fuck comes up with this… and then after the credits began to roll, I did a quick Google search and found it was… Stephen King. It all made sense.

Okay, ciao for now!



  1. The Indecisive Eejit

    If I blogged based on my stats I’d have given up about two years ago lol It’s the community and the people I love.
    By the way, when you’re done with your house mine could do with a dust, don’t worry I cleaned the bogs this morning 🙂 lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nora Elise

      Lol so far I have my sheets in the washer and the clutter of my room picked up a little. 😀 We’ll see how far I get here.. haha!

      And yeah, I treat my blog like an online diary. I was really taking a poke at those “how to blog/monetize blogging” bloggers. ::whispers::they are everywhere…


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