I Shouldn’t Blog When Hungry.

Yesterday’s post was a little doom and gloom. It was relatively true, but may have been delivered differently had I ate a sandwich or something.

Today is my … Birthday…

I don’t know how I feel about that. I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s not like I am Father Time and can do anything to stop it. I have always been kinda weird about my birthday. After my last birthday party as a child (10 years of age), I kinda stopped thinking it was such a big deal. I became the JW of my birthday without any of the religious aspect.

And there’s kinda this one thing: I don’t like receiving gifts (possibly because I don’t like giving gifts??). Another excuse I can throw out there is I’m not responsible for the date I was born. I’m glad people are happy that I was born, that’s kinda cool since yesterday I did one of those annoying things on Facebook that give you a random number on how many people dislike you. My number was 400 times more than the person I got the stupid link from. I digress.

There’s a 5 love languages book by a guy with the last name Chapman, possibly first name Gary, but don’t quote me. Either way, gift giving/receiving doesn’t even make it on my list. If you’re curious, my language is Quality Time, which is kinda interesting since I tend to be a loner, but I’ll save that for therapy.

Today is also a big day for me for reasons that don’t involve me. (Shocking, I know.)

Today marks the 6th year since Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56.

I’ll end with my favorite quote of his:

famous-steve-jobs-quotes-steve-job-quotes (1).png




  1. Nilzeitung

    Your birthday is in sight
    and something like that is not forgotten.
    We do not want to run into the town
    and any gift you buy,
    which later only in the way rumsteht
    and even go out of the joints.
    So we give you what holds,
    you can not get it anywhere in the world.
    It is always fresh and never rust – ours
    Hearts full with sympathy.

    Congratulations and happy birthday!


    Liked by 1 person

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