The World Keeps Turning

I was just redoing my blog here. Changing the theme again. This one was kind of a pain in the ass because I had to edit each post to add the more-tag since the theme doesn’t work with excerpts. So of course as I am editing, I am seeing each blog post I have written in the last few months, there were more, but those got the draft for now for various reasons. So instead of 60+ posts, I think I have only about 20 published at the moment.

I have been watching a lot of shows from the 80’s and 90’s because nostalgia. Watching them as an adult though is a whole different experience. I mean, even as a child watching Golden Girls, the quips that Sophia would make about Blanche being a tramp were understood by me because I wasn’t sheltered. The things I may have not understood as well were when these sitcoms would touch on current events and politics. The jokes about Regan, Clinton, Bush. I knew the Pledge of Allegiance and that’s about it. I also knew what they taught about US history in primary school, didn’t really get to the battles and bloodshed until about 6th grade social studies. But I digress.

As an adult and seeing these shows with adult eyes and mind, not a lot has changed when it comes to broaching topics of racism, sexism, classism, etc. We just keep doing the same things over and over with each generation that comes up.

As long as we are human (meaning we don’t evolve as a species to a higher level), we will never have world peace.

That is a pipe dream. We come from different backgrounds, different experiences, different views and opinions, and even down to the simplest — likes and dislikes. We have individuality. And that is as beautiful as it can be dangerous.

For a while I was miffed that everyone cared so damn much who the president was. I mean I wouldn’t go as far to say I felt he was just a figure head, but I was upset that the people who choose to devote their time to politics, very little paid attention to the state and local politicians that actually effect their lives way more than a politician at a federal level.

Until I now realize as an adult, United States Presidents (that’s the only kind I know) have huge influence over the way the people of the US feel, think, and relate to one another.

I would say Trump is an inflammatory president. There were people who did not care of Obama at all, I was not one of them, but I don’t recall the level of divisiveness being this extreme before Trump began his campaign.

It kind of goes back to individuality, Obama and Trump handle things very differently. That is to be expected. But watching shows like Grace Under Fire, Roseanne, Golden Girls, Cybill, Reba, etc. has shown to me that we will always have social and cultural issues – they’re not new, but they won’t go away – at local, national and global levels. What I have learned about how the presidency effects the US, and maybe other countries as well, is that they can inflame these issues and everyone is on edge with who they interact with, or they can calm it more. Which for me, Obama’s presidency calmed it. He didn’t make the issues go away, but he was more about being a united front than Trump ever can dream to be.

Trump reminds me of when Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple until his unfortunate passing, divided his company in half. He made it Apple v. Mac for a short time where engineers and developers were on opposing teams and they had to create the best projects to submit. He learned that it brought the morale of the company so low that it almost folded. Everyone was tense and exhausted. That’s what Trump is doing to us, the citizens of this country: Democrats v. Republicans, Blacks v. Whites, Men v. Women, Trump & Trumpettes v. Immigrants (both legal and otherwise)… it goes on.

If we could do the People v. Trump, I would so be on with that Supreme Court case.

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