What’s your story, Morning Glory?

I used to say that when I was young. My way of asking what’s up. Mind you, it was the era of Oasis’ song Morning Glory, not Ella Fitzgerald’s. I’m sure her song is lovely and I shall listen to it when I get a chance. As of now, I am trying to pop out a post before I have to get ready for work.

I could’ve maybe stated that last sentence above a little better, but you gets what you gets.

I have become the dog lady. I have two dogs and when I am not a work, I am home with them. We hang out, play tug-o-war, watch Prime Video (I’m now on a Grace Under Fire kick), and try not to disturb my asshole neighbors with their barking too much. The dogs barking, not the neighbors.

I miss my bestie. She is in basic training now and I won’t see her for a bit. She said she’d write me, but I haven’t received anything yet. I hope she’s getting what she needs out of it and that overall it has been a good experience for her.

I used to write about another bestie a few years back in an old (CB) blog. I called her Alice and made a whole theme out of the stories I shared about her. We used to be very close, she knew I blogged about her – but was smart enough to not want to read it. I held very strong opinions about a man she was dating then. We are not very close now, just FB friends. We made a lunch date, but Irma wanted to play so we had to cancel. She posted she needed help for prep. I was the only person on her status to offer help, but she ignored it. I was snubbed. This is going to sound awful, but that is pretty typical for South Florida people. It may be typical of people in other regions, but I’ve only known here so…

I think that’s why I have had a hard time adjusting to work people. It’s more my lack of trust than anything about them. But yesterday I felt a little better because in my group I realized we have a “suck up.” They are doing it to get ahead, and I admire them for it. I like real.

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