Working Girl (Hopefully)

Having discipline pays off. I know this, yet at the same time carry very little of it. On Sunday, I was horribly, inconsolably depressed. I will admit I did have morbid thoughts of just taking all the lithium at once. But I took a nap instead. I woke up with the migraine still in full throttle and the thoughts starting to seep in again.

I made myself some tea and stayed in bed the rest of the evening — I had a late nap.

I fell asleep roughly around midnight — as I have been for a while now, it’s driving me nuts as I like to be asleep by 10:30 at the latest — and woke up around 7:40. The migraine was gone. I felt happy almost, or at least not as morbid and depressed as I had been just the night before. I got up, got the dogs out, took out the trash, ran to CVS for coffee and half and half, and when I got back I started applying to jobs like a madwoman.

I received an email back from a company I applied to. They want to interview me!


Now, I only hope I can impress them in order to get the job offer. Being employed right now is beyond crucial.


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