The only physical photos I have of my life stop at the age of 3 or 4 years old. I have a really kind of fucked up habit of purging. Not food, but things. Things left behind that remind me of a time or person that was once apart of my life.

My Facebook has just hit the two-years old mark and it’s the longest one I have had. The WordPress account this FluxPanica blog is attached to is five years old and I have lost track to how many blogs I have started then deleted.

About a year ago I was cleaning (going through my shit and throwing away most anything I could find) my room and I came across my dusty middle school yearbooks. They were the only yearbooks I had because unlike the idea that high school is the best four years of your life, mine wasn’t. I looked at the books, I looked at the black garbage bag — then I put the two together and hauled it out to the curb.

I have no pictures with friends on my Facebook. It’s kind of hard to when you don’t really have any. I mainly go on Facebook for the pages I follow.

I guess this could be looked at in one of two ways. I’m either running constantly from everything and everyone — including memories. Or I am overly sensitive to life’s complications so I’m minimizing what I have been through in some sort of self-preservation.

Either way, if I deleted my pictures and everything I have put online and disappeared, it would probably take whoever wanted to find me a long time to do so.


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