My dream is haunting me. I dreamt I was in the lobby of a fast food joint. I had an iPad and the case was clear plastic and in pieces. I was mad. I then found out it wasn’t the latest model, so I smashed it to pieces. Then I am in a hall of a school with a friend. We see a woman. I know her as Alice, she was best friends with my mom for 30 years. My friend knows her too so I ask how. She doesn’t answer. I am on the side of a huge bridge dangling above a huge body of black water. It’s night time. I have two other people with me and there are these cement blocks that we are holding on to and we have to get to the flat rocks beneath us that protrude out of the water. They both drop and disappear. I look down and the rocks have shifted so there’s less of a chance of me falling into the water now. I drop. I am outside of a building. There are large shadowy figures and I am scared. I am crouched down in a bush. I am in a brightly lit house. I am with a man I used to date. I see he’s been messaging with a woman online. He’s upset that she prefers anime looking guys. He’s jealous. I’m jealous that he’s messaging her.

I wake up.


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