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Have you ever been scrolling the reader on WordPress, looked at the suggested search terms, and wanted to combine them into the title of a post? No? Well, I did just that. And kept it in order. Mainly because that’s the only way it made “sense.” We will use that term loosely, hence the quotation marks.

There was a quote from Morgan Freeman in an interview about the best way to handle racism was to stop talking about it. I agree with that. Sometimes constantly talking about something whether it be race, gender, feminism, politics can make a bigger division.

And I kind of feel that way when it comes to mental health. It has been my experience that the uneducated, simply meaning lacking familiarity with a topic, are that way because they choose to be. A lot of the time, more often than not, no matter what you say or what evidence you have backing you, they’ll cling to their own thoughts, ideas, and feelings toward the subject.

In about a month’s time, I have had three people in my life bring up my mental diagnosis. I am/have (whichever one you’re comfortable with) Bipolar I Disorder. The first person told me, and I quote, “You are too weak-minded to cure yourself and know that it’s really all in your head.” We had been talking about Chris Cornell’s death and how sad I felt it was and how he looked at Cornell as a coward. Somehow that discussion turned to my own mental health and how I “didn’t have to take my medications.”

The next person was supposedly a best friend. We got into an argument via text. To be completely honest, I told her she was too black and white about everything and needed to take a step back. People were inherently good or they were inherently bad to her and when they were bad, she would paint awful pictures about them. She did it about her friends, her boyfriend and her family members. She told me my “Bipolar is showing” and a few choice words that were relatively ugly in nature — and that was that.

Lastly, yesterday another argument started between myself and this person because he lied to me and didn’t want to own up. He called me and ranted at me a bit, told me I should be “making the turnaround” where he would want to stay on the phone with me, but I wasn’t so he wanted to hang up. I said “Okay, if you want to go, go.” He came back with “Bye” and a click. I texted him “That was complete bullshit. Kick back a few more, seems you’re good for it.” (Poking the bear, I know.) So he came back with: “You’re in a very violent state. You should check your medications.”

It doesn’t hurt anymore. When people say shit like that to me, I’m not really phased on a personal level. I was the first time it happened about 3 years ago when my best friend of 15 years said some shit like that to me, but now it just annoys me.

Great, you have something on me. Fabulous. Hope it makes you feel better.

It just doesn’t seem like in today’s society we can educate anyone. We create hashtags and paste them all over social media, we share articles and powerful essays, we make news stories and headlines. It just feels it goes to deaf ears. The only people listening are the only one who have agreed with you from the beginning. The ones who have had similar experiences and share solidarity and camaraderie.

Maybe we should just stop talking.


  1. The Indecisive Eejit

    I agree, I feel that unless someone has experienced something they can never understand it, and nor do they want to try.
    My family and friends don’t always understand my anxiety issues and that frustrates the life out of me.
    Sometimes people just can’t see it’s they how are the problem. Mood I’m in at the minute your friend might have got a frying pan in the face lol

    Liked by 1 person

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